‘Elegant Minds Make Elegant Choices’

The world of work is a bewildering maze of demands, desires, expectations, and perceptions. Giving the right impression at work is extremely important because in all honesty, how we look gives people an impression about who we are and what we can do.

Setting aside the fashion on the catwalks, as fabulous and as glamorous as it is,  it is difficult to combine the latest trends with the professional image required in the corporate world. There is no standard female equivalent to the men’s suit and tie but for those interested in fashion, this provides an opportunity to infuse current fashion trends and personal style into their professional wardrobes.

This website hopes to illustrate that you can fuse the latest  fashion trends with your personal style within the confines of professional attire. This website is for those who like to make elegant choices with regard to workwear. Under the ‘The Edit’ tab, workwear selections from various brands will be showcased, helping you decide what you buy. The fashion options showcased offer a breadth of office style options that span a multitude of professional settings. So regardless of your work environment, hopefully you can take away some  of inspiration that helps you with your own sartorial challenges.

This is a guide for millennial women with articles on fashion, beauty, health and charities. In addition to this, there are interviews with inspirational people who can provide advice, tips and insights into their successful careers.


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