Pelontle (A Tswana name which means  a ‘Beautiful Heart‘)




I’m a business analyst at a bank; which means helping the business implement technology solutions successfully. This is done by gathering requirements, analysing them and coming up with and seeing through the implementation of a solution for the business need.

Why did you decide to embark on your chosen career?: 

I’ve always been interested in Information Technology but I knew that I wanted to be more involved in the front end part of the business and being a business analyst allows me to do both.

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Average day:

My average day is meetings, meetings, meetings. I usually begin with emails and once that’s done I’m off to a meeting with business stakeholders to talk about the project I’m working on and based on the outcomes of that I’ll meet with other different stakeholders to gather more information in order to come up with a solution. I’ll then go to my desk and work on it. That’s usually followed by meeting with the business again to give them a solution or for a project update.

Workwear style:

My style is simple and comfortable. I like to stick to neutrals and minimal accessories.

Where do you shop for your workwear clothes? : 

My favorite stores to shop at are Mango, Forever21, H&M and River Island. They’re very stylish and they have a wide variety on offer; which allows you to mix trendy clothes with classics pieces. However, I’m not one to stick to one particular store. I love shopping in different places because you never know what gem you’ll find!

What do you love the most about your city? 

I love the diversity and vibrancy of Johannesburg. Whether you’re old school, a party animal, artistic, adventurous or just laid back, there’s literally something for everyone here and the energy of the people here will just make you want to go out and explore.


What is your favourite place to go in your city?

I love the markets. The rooftop markets, the farmers markets. There are so many different ones and you’re almost always guaranteed a good time.


What do you wish was better about your city? 

Well I guess I’d add a beach. Lol.


Is there anything about the culture/city that makes things hard for working women? 

I live in a country that still has a long way to go in terms of advancing females in society but I’m fortunate enough to be working for a company that emphasises female empowerment and advancement. I also think that the problems women in the workplace face are common no matter where you are and its important for women to help each other move forward.


What are your hopes for the future? 

I hope to find myself in a position that can inspire and motivate women to be the best version of themselves no matter what they do. I want to play a role in helping young females especially, know that they can do anything while embracing their femininity.



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