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I went to Durham University before deciding to head down the route of training to be a lawyer. After five years of university and law school, I finished my training contract at a big Silver Circle city law firm. As my contract came to an end, I was all set to move to Dubai to continue being a lawyer when I met with the founders of the amazing luxury fitness studio boutique 1Rebel and we very quickly realised there was a gap in the market – particularly in the health & fitness industry – where PR agencies are perhaps slightly neglecting the importance and value of social media, social media content & influencers / bloggers in the marketing and advertising strategies of brands. And so, together, we founded 1MPACT (pronunced Impact)  – with the goal of increasing the increase of health and fitness brands by creating and connecting them to content, events and influencers with 1MPACT. I took the experience of 1MPACT and I have now founded a new company called Chapter Three.
Chapter Three – a social media and influencer marketing company. We focus on creating social-driven marketing campaigns for brands, as well as connecting them to talented content created and digital influencers to support this process. It is like 1MPACT but with a focus on the travel and luxury industries as well.
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On healthy maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst working as a lawyer 
Working out was difficult when I was a lawyer. I often would be working until midnight which meant that it was often a case of picking sleep or exercise the next morning. Although the sleep option often seemed to be the best option, I soon realised that actually getting some exercise in made the whole routine more enjoyable and bearable. I would try and usually go after work if possible but a lot of people also joined the gym next door to our office or would go running on their lunch break which I think was pretty clever – it was a guaranteed period of time that they could pop out, even if for half an hour, if they couldn’t get in in the morning or the evening with their commute.
Also, I would always make sure that my weekend would involve some sort of exercise activity, usually with friends, followed by brunch!
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On handling sugar and caffeine 
I have been pretty good with sugar the last few years. I don’t eat much of it – I sweeten my coffee with coconut oil and I don’t add salt or sugar to anything and just like with anything, once you re-tune your body it doesn’t crave it anymore. That being said, I think a morning coffee is ok and is still quite a staple part of my life now.
I LOVE coffee and spend a lot of time working out of coffee shops! I just think you need to keep your caffeine m to the mornings because there is nothing worse than not being able to sleep when your body really needs that. It also increases your stress & cortisol levels so if things are particularly stressful with a deadline at work I would always try and steer clear of it just to avoid adding any additional stress to my day. Matcha green tea & normal green tea are great substitutes and are great for your body too.
For avoiding the sweet treats I would just snack on a handful of nuts or have a protein shake with a little bit of nut butter in it. Both easy to have at you desk, even I looked silly with a protein shaker.
On handling stress
Exercise, yoga & meditation. If you ignore your body it really is just a downward circle into more stress. I shortly realised that exercise was the answer for most things in life!

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The transition from employee to CEO
My life has absolutely done a 180. I have lost 5% body fat & about three quarters of a stone just since not being in a desk job, and I was fairly happy with my body before so obviously I’m even happier now. I have more control over what I can eat and when I can eat it and I just have the time to work out whenever I want. I still work long hours and the midnight finishes and stress levels are pretty standard – but doing something I love and storming round London in lycra & trainers definitely makes it a no brainer which type of midnight I prefer. I would go as far to say I am one of the strongest and fittest I have ever been.

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