Frankfurt, Germany

What do you do?

I work as a financial consultant in Frankfurt, the largest financial center on the European continent and one of the most historically shaped cities of Germany.


Why did you decide to embark on your chosen career?

When I was in school I knew that my future career was going to be in the financial sector. Right after graduating from High School, I started an undergraduate degree at the University of Mannheim with a major in Finance. I also worked in the Corporate Finance department of a local German savings bank for two years. Although my work was exciting and varied, I was not entirely satisfied by the daily tasks I was given and wanted to gain deeper knowledge in international business relations and global financial issues.

I decided to quit and to enroll in a Masters program at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, where I graduated with a Masters degree in International Business. Since 2014, I have been working for an international consultancy as a specialist in financial crime prevention.

Germans are not really known for their trendy corporate fashion

but prefer to wear what they call “classic” and I call dowdy.

How would you describe your workwear style?

As a fashion lover I always try to incorporate current trends into my business outfits; by adding a feminine and elegant touch to each and every look. That’s why in 2016 I founded my personal style and fashion blog, Westend Birds, on which I regularly share corporate and casual outfits, beauty tips and product reviews. I love wearing dresses and skirts in the office but equally choose classic suits to express a strong and confident attitude within a men dominated environment.


Where do you shop for your workwear clothes?

My job often includes travelling around the world’s financial centers, so I shop whenever I find something extraordinary and inspiring to enrich my wardrobe.

What do you love the most about your city?

As much as I love travelling and getting to know foreign places, I am sure you share this feeling that there is nothing better than coming home. Frankfurt is the city I grew up, where my friends and family live and where I wish to grow a family of my own in the future. Here, almost one in three of the people do not hold a German passport. No matter where you may come from, there will always be people who speak your language and a good restaurant that serves your home country’s food. The open and hospitable atmosphere in Frankfurt stems from its centuries-old role as a trading center. It is surrounded by beautiful landscape such as the river Main, shaped by historic architecture dating back to the 17th century and visibly influenced by Frankfurt’s most famous son, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.


What is your favourite place to go in your city?

I love spending my free time directly opposite to the high-rise buildings, on the other side of the Main, where a unique collection of museums has been developed to exhibit different works of art, from classical paintings to modern media.

Is there anything about the culture/city that makes things hard for working women? What are your hopes for the future?

As the seat of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is of great importance in terms of monetary policy and evolved to Europe’s largest financial center on the continent. Although the working atmosphere is already very international I would still deem the financial sector as male dominated. It’s sometimes quite hard for women to climb up the corporate ladder to a level as high as men or to hold equally senior positions when having a family. Especially when it comes to daycare facilities, Germany is still behind international standards, making it quite difficult for women with children to combine family and work. This is certainly something I wish to be advanced in the near future in order to support women to eliminate work-family dilemmas and to provide them with equal career opportunities.

In the meantime, I will continue to work hard on my future goals and becoming an independent, assertive woman!



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