JEMMA was created for the modern working woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice style, convenience or an entire paycheck for the right handbag. 

The JEMMA customer, #JEMMAGirls are working women, which could mean many things in today’s society beyond high-powered attorneys and bankers. Women wear more hats today than they ever have before. Even college students have professional internships, even some stay at home moms have their own part-time businesses where they have meetings or head to coffee shops to blog. Women of all ages, lifestyles and locations appreciate the functionality and classic elegance that JEMMA bags offer.

JEMMA is focused on creating beautiful and functional handbags that are designed to fit the needs of the working woman.

JEMMA fills a niche in the women’s handbag market for a well-designed, high quality handbag that serves the working woman’s daily needs. There are a lot of beautiful handbags available today, but fashion trumped function far too often. When one needed to carry a laptop or an important folder or file, it was awkward — which is both unattractive and unprofessional. JEMMA was created to address the need for a functional accessory that is gorgeous and appeals to the senses like a luxury handbag.

There are two types of JEMMA bag; one for work and the other for life outside the office. However, both can be use for either purpose.

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