What do you do?

I am a Global Project Manager at IBM India Pvt Ltd.  It is a very empowering role which allows me to be a decision-maker, innovator and a negotiator for the business. It is challenging, exciting and equally rewarding.

Why did you decide to embark on your chosen career?

During my last year of university I was preparing to get into a food research institute. I knew that if that didn’t work, I would take up teaching. In fact, everybody around me was  convinced that  ‘teaching’ would be my ultimate profession.

Divya India Work Runway

But the universe had a plan ‘C’ for me. Corporate was something I had not thought about until it happened. Somehow this career chose me. And I am very glad that it did!

I could not have asked for anything better. It is hard work, super stressful at times but it’s worth it!

I could not have asked for anything better.

It is hard work , super stressful at times but it’s worth it !

Average Day

My current job requires me to talk to people across the globe and therefore I don’t always within the set 9-to-5 work hours. But for me, a typical day starts at 9 AM and is usually a concoction of excel  spreadsheets, 5-6 cups of coffee, numbers, meetings – lots of them-bored already??

At around noon, I hit the gym for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  I usually work on my blog  late at night or on weekends. My Saturdays are meant for reading and Netflix.  Sundays are for friends and family.


How would you describe your workwear style?

Chic, minimalistic and affordable. I am a fan of clean cuts, geometric patterns, boxy silhouettes and  solid colors. I repeat pieces of the outfits by trying to mix and match; and I try to  style them differently  each time.

Where do you shop for your workwear clothes?

I do not have one go-to shop or brand. I shop anything that catches my attention!

What do you love the most about your city ?

Foooood! The Delicacies range from traditional to international . From Indian Chicken Biriyani to pure American, Mexican or  Vietnamese, you will find all types of cuisine here!  This is also because people from various ethnicities have made Bangalore their home! I also love how the city is growing drastically in terms of infrastructure, startups, art and fashion.


What is your favorite place to go in your city ?

Any place which offers good Masala Chai  (Indian tea with a dash of spices) (laughs)! I love to try new cafes in the city. There are a whole lot of them with creative themes offering more than just snacks and beverages. My favorite place, happens to be a riding school (Embassy International Riding school) . It is a quiet place with a view of  the woods; where I can enjoy nice coffee and home cooked Italian food in the company of  some horses and other farm animals.

What do you wish was better about your city ?

Traffic !! But I guess that’s a problem in most cities now ! I also hope the city relaxes a bit. Folks in the city always seem to be stressed about their jobs, career and eating right. ALWAYS !

Is there anything about the culture/city that makes things hard for working women?

Unfortunately ‘Settling in life’ is still very synonymous with ‘getting married and having kids’ irrespective of what a woman achieves or how independent she is. A significant percentage of the female population is  still confined to the traditional roles defined by certain conservative forces. It is still mostly the women  who compromise on their career and jobs when a family situation is demanding.

There are also predefined rules in society regarding when a girl should marry and start a family. 27-28 is like a cut -off mark for marriage and 30 is for motherhood! So the feeling of being robbed of the ownership of our own life still looms large, even in the educated class. All of this emotional battle does affect the career inclined women at some point. But I also love and appreciate the fact that women have turned out to be the SHEROES balancing against all these odds ! **Take a bow ladies**

I also love and appreciate the fact that women have turned out to be the SHEROES balancing against all these odds !

What are your hopes for the future?

I believe each new day demands a new level of you. Each year my only goal is to see a better version of me. My current focus is to hone my skills and move up the ladder in the corporate world. Through Boardroom-Chic I want to continue inspire women to incorporate amazing styles into their daily work wear. I am also big day dreamer, so naturally I have a lot of other wishes and ideas tucked up my sleeves. Time will reveal them all. :):):)


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