Brianna McDougall


Sydney, Australia


I am a lawyer by day and fashion blogger by night. I am currently working as a Family Law solicitor, which means I assist separated couples reach an agreement about their assets and care arrangements for their children. I have also worked in other areas of law such as workers compensation, employment law and human rights law.


Why did you decide to embark on your chosen career?:

I chose a career where I could help people understand, and have equal access to,the law.  I also love art, so I studied a double degree; Bachelors of Creative Art and Law. I enjoy working with everyday people and helping them achieve positive outcomes at very difficult times. I truly care about all my clients and the outcome we receive.

Average Day:

I like to kick start the day with a coffee before getting into work. I usually like to get in early and read my emails and prepare for the day ahead. I usually have client meetings and sometimes I go to court. After work, I try and fit in some exercise to clear the mind. I work near the beach, so I often enjoy a beach run after work in summer. After the sun has gone down, I like a healthy meal and spend some time on my blog.

How would you describe your workwear style?:

I would describe my workwear style as classic with a modern twist. I  believe that if you invest in good quality garments you can always mix and match them for years. I like to update my wardrobe and stay on trend by adding accessories to classic pieces.  For example, by adding trendy lipstick colours, nail polishes, shoes, handbags or coats. I am also a big believer in purchasing clothes that can be worn on the weekend – versatility is key!


Where do you shop for your workwear clothes?:

This is a hard question as I love so many brands! Some of my many favourites are Saba, Arisology, Bowery and Fourth, Godwin Charli, Ann Taylor, David Lawrence, Living Silk and Veronica Maine, Oxford Shop… just to name a few! However, I am always on the look out for new brands.


What do you love the most about your city?:

I love Sydney harbour and our beaches. I also love the great food Sydney has to offer and our outdoor lifestyle. In Sydney, there is always something going on, for example, music and food festivals, Bondi’s famous ‘sculptures by the sea’ and the Vivid light festival in the city in May/June each year.


What is your favourite place to go in your city?:

I enjoy going to a good restaurant or small rooftop bar, however nothing beats a champagne by the beautiful harbour with friends after a busy working week!


What do you wish was better about your city?:

Melbourne is known as Australia’s capital for many small fashion boutiques, however, I am starting to see more of these boutiques pop up in Sydney which will soon give Melbourne a run for their money! Otherwise, I would not change a thing about the beautiful city I live in.


Is there anything about the culture/city that makes things hard for working women?:

I feel fortune enough to work in a time and place  where there are endless opportunities for everyone – you just have to dream big and work hard.


What are your hopes for the future?:

I want to continue learning and continue helping people. I am also passionate about sharing styling and fashion tips for members of the legal profession and corporate world. I have many exciting ideas and I look forward to sharing these in the future.

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