Aris is about injecting life into workwear by changing the way women define their wardrobe.

The Aris Philosophy

  1. Clothes should not be limited to one purpose only
    Aris’ clothes are investment pieces designed with a modern aesthetic to be enjoyed by women beyond the office, whether it be at Sunday brunch or a cocktail party. The styles are on-trend and push the boundaries of the standard button-up and pencil skirt combination normally worn to work, whilst still maintaining a professional sophistication.
  1. Value and design should not be mutually exclusive
    The pieces are on-trend and made from quality fabrics that don’t break the bank.
  1. Priced for the purposeful woman
    The pieces are priced to allow our customers to continually refresh their wardrobes.
  1. Fashion is constantly evolving
    Aris’ philosophy is based on now, so Aris is not bound by collections or seasons and has new styles released regularly
  1. Made by women for women
    The designers have also worked in the corporate world and understand the struggle of dressing for work. Aris also gives back to charities such as Dress for Success to help disadvantaged women get back on their feet.

The Aris woman is the purposeful, modern day woman who lives a full, dynamic lifestyle. She wants to effortlessly transition from work life to her social life and wants to wear what she loves, not what everyone else is wearing. She is confident, intelligent and celebrates life.

Aris have created a new genre of workwear that bridges the gap between work and life. The clothes are specifically designed to be able to be worn outside of work and incorporate current fashion trends into workwear.

Clothing can play an important part in the way you feel towards work and your happiness at work. We spend over a third of our waking lives at work or travelling to/from work, so Aris believes it is important to be happy for such a significant part of our lives. Aris aims to improve career satisfaction by breaking down one more barrier between work and life and give women a way to differentiate themselves whilst still looking professional.

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